Linders Bonbons has been producing promotional chocolate products for more than 20 years

Our chocolate products are produced entirely according to the customer's wishes. Promotion chocolate with a logo, image or slogan printed on it. The diversity of our chocolate products makes them very versatile. Think for example of a beautiful and tasty logo bonbon to present at a trade fair with coffee. Seasonal chocolate as a Sinterklaas present or Christmas gift. We also develop various types of chocolate products that are well applicable in the sports industry. Think of chocolate sports shirts and golf balls. We supply many forms of tasty Belgian quality chocolate.

Our logo chocolate is the ideal advertising / marketing tool, which many are looking for. Your company can then be presented to your (potential) customers in a fun, beautiful, unique and of course delicious way or thank your customers.
Because your logo is passed on an edible, and tasty, product, it will remain in people's memories longer and more recognizable.

All our promotional chocolate products are in-house and with us first class Belgian chocolate made.

View our reference page for the many types and well-known companies where Linders Bonbons are used as a promotional item.

Would you like more information about our bonbons or our other chocolate products? Take without obligation contact us. We are happy to help you with a chocolate product that is unique to your organization.