Your logo as a tablet embossed chocolate?

Geef uw klant eens een uniek chocolade cadeau met een tablet reliëf chocolade. Wij ontwikkelen graag samen met u een uniek stuk chocolade waarin uw logo of slogan is opgenomen. Een chocoladeproduct geheel naar uw bedrijf en wens ontwikkeld.

The high-quality Belgian chocolate bar we provide shapes related to your company or product. We can also process your slogan, motto or wish for the customer on this bar. In addition to applying the relief in the chocolate, it can also be provided with an edible print. This makes your message stand out even better and is also delicious! Of course we provide this promotional chocolate with a nice one gift wrapping.

Are you curious about the many possibilities? Then take it soon contact us. We are happy to work with you to develop a unique chocolate gift for your customer and staff.

Only the best promotional chocolate

For more than 20 years we have specialized in the development of tasty promo chocolate. With great craftsmanship and care, we provide each piece of chocolate with a unique edible print, logo or motto. Linders Bonbons offers you a very wide choice from a wide range of promotional chocolate products. Is your wish not listed with our sample products? Then we would like to develop your chocolate product together.

Not only a nice gift to give away. It is also an ideal marketing tool to use indoors. Now serve that nice cup of coffee to your potential customer with a logo bonbon made by craftsmanship.